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Group Billing/PACER Administrative Account Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The PACER Service Center offers the PACER Administrative Account (PAA), a consolidated billing and online account management process that allows groups to manage and pay for all charges associated with multiple PACER accounts.

Register for group billing with a PACER Administrative Account. A PACER Administrative Account will only allow you to manage group billing. It will not allow you to log in to access case information.

Read the PACER Administrative Account User Manual for more information.

No. We do not accept registrations by spreadsheet. Users should set up their own accounts. This is recommended (as opposed to someone setting them up for everyone) because the security information and date of birth they enter will be required to reset their password if they forget or misplace it. The PACER Service Center no longer verifies or mails passwords.

If you have PACER Administrative Account, you have the option to upgrade your account. Log in to Manage My Account and click Upgrade link next to your “Account Type." You will be prompted to:

  1. Create a username and password
  2. Adding a date of birth
  3. Select a county
  4. Select and answer two security questions

A message will also prompt you to upgrade when you try to use any PACER Administrative Account options besides viewing usage or making a payment.

If the attorney's account is under your PACER Administrative Account, you can unlink the account so that you are no longer responsible for their PACER charges after they leave the firm.

A new employee should provide you with his or her last name and 7-digit PACER account number. If the employee does not have a PACER account, they need to create one and then provide the account number so you can add them to your PACER Administrative Account (PAA). To add an account:

  1. Log in to Manage My Account with your PAA username and password.
  2. Click on the PAA Maintenance tab.
  3. Select Add Existing PACER Account to My PAA.
  4. Enter the Account Number, Last Name, and a brief remark.
  5. Check the acknowledgement box and click Submit.

The attorney will receive an email indicating they have a request to join your PAA. They must log into Manage My Account using their PACER account credentials and accept your request in order to be added to your PAA.

Read the PACER Administrative Account User Manual for more information.

  1. Log into Manage My Account with your PACER Administrative Account (PAA) username and password.
  2. Click on the PAA Maintenance tab.
  3. Select Remove PACER Account(s) from My PAA.
  4. Enter a brief Remark, then check the box(es) for the account(s) you wish to remove.
  5. Click Submit.

Read the PACER Administrative Account User Manual for more information.

Yes. Users have the option to remove their account from a PACER Administrative Account (PAA). To do so:

  1. Log into Manage My Account.
  2. Select Remove Your PACER Account from a PAA on the Settings tab.
  3. Enter a brief remark and click Submit.

PACER Case Search Privileges will be made temporarily deactivated during this process. To reactivate, after updating your account information, please contact the PACER Service Center at 800-676-6856 or or have your new firm administrator add you to their PAA.

Once it is added to the PACER Administrative Account (PAA), the account will be activated within a few minutes. To verify the account has been linked to your PAA, you can check the status of the request by logging into Manage My Account and clicking View All My Requests.

A user cannot add an account to your PACER Administrative Account. You must invite the user and they must accept the invite. As the PACER Administrative Account user, you can unlink the account at any time, and the individual user can also unlink at any time.

Accounts linked to a PACER Administrative Account will not generate a bill; all charges will be billed to the PAA.

If a user registers with a credit card and then is added to a PAA the credit card they used during registration will not be charged.