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PACER Service Center Telephone Outage

The PACER Service Center is currently experiencing technical difficulties with the phone system. We are working to restore the phone service as quickly as possible. The outage does not affect any of the online services available through this website site or any PACER site throughout the country. Email support is available by sending an email to

PACER Maintenance, 9/20/2020

Our systems will undergo maintenance on Sunday, September 20, 2020, from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST. Access to certain portions of this site may be temporarily unavailable.

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How to Use CM/ECF

Find user documentation, learning aids, and how to videos on filing federal court documents electronically using CM/ECF, CurrentGen or NextGen. Visit an individual court’s website for materials offered by an individual court.

Title Court Type
Activating CJA Privileges Appellate, District, Bankruptcy
CJA Exempt Status Instructions Appellate, District, Bankruptcy
CJA Navigation Between Courts Appellate, District, Bankruptcy
File a motion in Appellate NextGen CM/ECF Appellate
Introduction to Appellate NextGen CM/ECF Appellate
Linking Your Appellate CM/ECF Account Appellate
Linking Your District or Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF Account District, Bankruptcy
PACER User Manual Appellate, District, Bankruptcy
Requesting Attorney Admissions Appellate, District, Bankruptcy