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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I establish a Federal Government Interagency Agreement (IAA) for PACER Use?

Federal government agencies that wish to enter into an IAA for the use of PACER and payment of PACER fees incurred by its users should submit a 7600A Form and a 7600B Form to the PACER Service Center and acknowledge agreement to the PACER Policy and Procedures.  

When completing the 7600B Form, in addition to the other required fields, the requesting agency should select “Other” from the dropdown menu for Box 17 - Statutory Authority Fund Type Code.  The requesting agency also should input “28 U.S.C § 1913 (note)” in Box 19 - Statutory Authority Fund Type Citation.

If your agency requires additional or different documentation to establish an IAA for the use of and payment for the PACER service, the processing of the IAA may be delayed.  

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