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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PACER have a W-9 form for sales tax exemption?

The PACER Service Center (PSC), on behalf of the PACER service, is exempt from collecting sales tax. Organizations may request the PSC’s W-9 form by email, which includes the tax identification number and other information, to help the organization in preparing their taxes.

Please include your name and PACER Account Number with your request.

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Log in to Manage My Account and check your ‘Account Type.’ It should indicate you have an Upgraded PACER Account.  

The CurrentGen CM/ECF system requires two separate usernames and passwords; however, once a court implements the NextGen CM/ECF system, you will be able to use your PACER username and password for both. Look up if your court has upgraded to NextGen CM/ECF.

Yes. Users have the option to remove their account from a PACER Administrative Account (PAA). To do so:

  1. Log into Manage My Account.
  2. Select Remove Your PACER Account from a PAA on the Settings tab.
  3. Enter a brief remark and click Submit.

PACER Case Search Privileges will be made temporarily deactivated during this process. To reactivate, after updating your account information, please contact the PACER Service Center at 800-676-6856 or or have your new firm administrator add you to their PAA.


For district and bankruptcy courts: 

Attorneys may authorize duplicate receipt of the notice of electronic filing for up to five support staff members. To add email recipients, the attorney should use the Maintain Your Account/Email Information option under the Utilities menu within CM/ECF.

For appellate courts:

Attorneys may authorize duplicate receipt of the notice of docket activity for several support staff members, depending on the length of email addresses (up to 255 characters).

To add email recipients, the attorney should log in to Manage My Account, select Update E-Filer Email Noticing and Frequency option under the Maintenance tab.