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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see PDF documents that are filed in criminal, social security, or immigration cases through the notice of electronic filing (NEF) email or certain cases through the notice of docket activity (NDA)?

Only the attorney of record in certain types of cases (e.g., social security, immigration) may view PDF documents remotely.

In district courts, you should be able to view all criminal documents through the notice of electronic filing (NEF), except those under seal. In addition, most criminal case documents filed in district court prior to November 1, 2004, may be viewed only by the attorney of record.

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Access to the filing portion of CM/ECF is available to authorized users only. Learn more about who can file using CM/ECF. Authorization and training of users is provided by the individual federal court. Contact the court for details on filing privileges.

Local court rules vary. Contact the court or check its website to determine if there are local rules governing this process.

Once your court implements the NextGen CM/ECF system, you will be required to use your PACER account for all courts.

Because each bankruptcy and district court assigns the login for filing credentials in the CurrentGen CM/ECF system, it is not possible to obtain a universal filing login in these court types. However, some courts allow you to request a particular login and password when you register, so you may be able to use the same filer login for many courts.

It is the filer’s responsibility to redact and ensure private information is not included in the case files. Attorney’s must inform their clients that case files may be obtained electronically and to ensure private information is not included in the case files.